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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens at a first appointment?
A comprehensive history, evaluation, assessment and plan. We will decide the issues to target first, including the approximate number of sessions needed to meet your goals.  If your goals are nutrition and diet related, you will learn about the direct impact of food on metabolism, hormonal balance, food cravings, sleep, medical conditions, and the best eating patterns for optimum health, body size, and overall well-being.  This session begins the process of unraveling physiological, psychological, and emotional reasons for eating.  I will also clarify any misconceptions about food, nutrition, and nutrition supplements popularized by the media. You will take home written materials to support the education.  If your appointment is solely for hypnotherapy you can expect to spend most of the session to be devoted to that form of work.
What are the individual consultations fees?
  • Initial 2 hour consultation $180
  • Follow-up 90 minute consultation $135
  • Follow-up 60 minute consultations $90, available for nutrition only services
  • 10% discounts on packages of 6 sessions (does not include initial) when paid in advance
Do you take credit cards?
At present cash or check are the only forms of payment accepted. Payment is expected at the time of service.
Do you take insurance?
I suggest you think of my services as an investment in your future and something that you will pay for personally. That will both protect your privacy and help you value the work you are doing more.  A detailed receipt will be provided to you. In some cases this can be used in a health savings account.
Where is your office located?
My office is located in Ferndale, WA; about 60 minutes north of downtown Seattle and 25 minutes south of the BC, Canadian border crossing. Specific driving directions will be provided to all confirmed clients.
How often will we meet?
The frequency of sessions depends upon the particular issue we are working on. In most instances we meet weekly for the first few weeks to maintain momentum; then reduce to every other week, then monthly or every other month, depending on what we decide.
Do you have evening or weekend hours?
To accommodate working schedules a limited number of evening and weekend appointments are available.
What is hypnosis?
A hypnotic trance is simply the shifting back and forth between the conscious mind and the sub-conscious or habitual mind, a natural process that occurs 80% of every day. Hypnosis is a method of deep relaxation and focused concentration that provides access to a unique state of consciousness or awareness. You may have caught yourself in trance as you drove down the highway and missed your exit. That is a light a trance state and that is the level commonly used in hypnotherapy.
Will I know what is happening during hypnosis?
You will always be able to hear my voice. You will always know you are in the room. You will always be able to wake yourself up if you want to. You will not be unconsciousness.
What if I cannot be hypnotized?
Everyone can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. A small percentage of people require more practice. For example, some people have difficulty relaxing and letting go which limits one’s ability to tap into imaginative and creative cognitive centers. Relaxing into the work and letting go will allow you to have a genuine experience.
How do I know if I am hypnotized?
Many people think that they are making up the experience at first. If you can just allow the process to unfold, to go with the flow, imagination becomes the doorway to the sub-conscious/habitual mind.
How do guided imagery and hypnosis differ?
Both modalities employ deep relaxation states and the use of imagery. Guided imagery is generally passive whereas hypnosis is actively focused to bring about some form of change in behavior or thought patterning. Guided imagery can be a powerful resource in health and healing and offers insights and understanding of habitual or unconscious influences affecting our lives and ultimately our health.
What is Universal White Time Healing?
An advanced healing modality that delivers an effective and powerful, yet gentle method of energy healing work. This divine frequency combines all colors and all time to heal in the past, present and future. Working with White Time is unique to other energetic healing modalities in its ability to heal as well as foster a deep awareness of our connection to Universal consciousness. For more resources about the nature of UWTH:

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

~ A Course in Miracles