Education and Training

Linda C. Banks, MHPE, RDN, CHT is a leading authority in the complementary and alternative medical arena.  A Clinical Nutrition Specialist, receiving advanced training from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Linda has built her career around integrating the practice of medical sciences and healing arts in private practices as well as in renowned medical centers.

Alongside her distinguished background in Nutrition Science, Linda specializes in therapeutic counseling, incorporating hypnotherapy, gestalt, reiki, and other forms of metaphysical and energy work.  Certified in Ericksonian hypnosis and Heart-Centered hypnotherapy, Linda has been practicing within this modality for nearly two decades, using this tool for the benefit of clients working through everything from cancer to stress.  With a Masters in Health Professions Education, Linda has been involved in the development of innovative wellness programs, research initiatives into holistic care, and continuing medical education events.

In addition to her private practice Linda leads seminars, courses, workshops, and presentations to both academic and consumer audiences on areas related to her field of complementary health and the changing face of medicine, health and healing.

Treatment Approach

Linda’s approach is different than most other dietitians, nutritionists and weight loss or life enhancement and counseling services. Instead of focusing on food we first lay the groundwork of feeling good about yourself, feeling positive, motived from the inside – which simply means being inspired.

Establishing healthy habits and life-affirming behaviors is far easier when the desire to do so comes from inspiration. Over 30 years of clinical and personal experience has taught Linda that providing nutrition education and goal-setting is not enough.

Linda’s “feel good” approach is truly transformational and the way of the future – you will see lasting change as you eliminate the self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have kept you stuck in old worn-out ways of being.  YES YOU CAN change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change!


Destined to be a seeker of knowledge, Linda’s life journey has taken her around the world, from England to Australia, before settling in the U.S. in 1978. Over a decade was spent in the human potential movement, deeply immersed in an on-going inquiry into the nature of human beings. This pursuit led Linda to a spiritual exploration. She became skilled in a host of non-conventional healing practices, including Reiki, massage, guided imagery, breathing exercises, Native American healing rituals, Therapeutic Touch, Universal White Time Healing, and the use of the Chakras and the Kundalini meditation.

As Linda’s intuitive abilities refined, and higher consciousness accessed, her spiritual path became clear. Awakening others to who they really are, and how to care for themselves, their total selves, body, mind, and spirit became her life’s work.

Linda excelled in the academic arena. Her formal education as a clinically trained nutrition therapist, and hypnotherapist, with a Masters degree in Health Professions Education, provides the ideal vehicle for teaching others about self-care, and importantly, how to listen to their own inner wisdom to become more self-reliant.

Linda is highly intuitive, caring, attentive and discreet. She will provide you with the knowledge and structure for living to your fullest potential, and at the same time, advise and guide you in a way that allows you to make your own decisions.

You have no limitations,

except for those you believe in.